Jabu donates N$55 000 to community shop

JABU Logistics donated building materials, branding and new stock worth N$55 000 to the M-shop at 7de Laan in Windhoek’s Otjomuise suburb over the weekend.

The donation comes after the community tuckshop burned down on 30 September, damaging goods worth more than N$20 000.

During the donation handover, Jabu Logistics marketing coordinator Petelina Frans said they acted immediately to help M-shop, which has been one of their loyal customers since last year.

“At Jabu, we understand how challenging starting over can be after unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, it is our responsibility to reach out and assist our valued customers,” said Frans.

She said informal retailers are the backbone and future of the Namibian economy, therefore, keeping them in business is not only important to them, but also for the community.

“We helped rebuild the shop’s infrastructure and provided the needed stock to support the reopening of M-shop,” said Frans.

Owner of the M-shop Immanuel Mupopya said they are grateful and lucky to receive the donations, especially after the devastating incident.

“Jabu came into our lives at such an important time, and we hope this new beginning continues to build on our existing relationship,” he said.

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